Terms & Conditions

    1. Prior to the purchase, make sure that you order the right product.

    Shall you have any questions referring to the product or doubts, please contact our expert. You will receive all the necessary information.

    1. All prices shown on our website or price lists are in (€) Euros, errors and omissions excepted. Prices include VAT. (We inform that we have a European Tax identification Number, which authorizes us to sell our products at net prices to other companies EU companies with European Tax identification Numbers).
    2. After the purchase is made, a VAT invoice is issued automatically for the data presented in the form.
    3. After the order is generated, the system generates the purchase contract, which is automatically sent to the e-mail address stated in the form. We request that you shall check carefully whether everything has been generated correctly.

    Please print out two copies of the contract, sign them and send them to our correspondence address: Kiltimagh Co Mayo

    We will sign the contract and send it back to you via traditional mail.

    The contract becomes valid after it is signed by both Parties.

    1. The order is sent for execution at the moment when the payment of an appropriate advance credits our bank account. In case we do not receive such advance payment, the date of the order execution may be postponed by the time of the advance payment delay.
    2. At the moment when the item ordered is manufactured, our expert will contact you and arrange a convenient for you date of the assembly.
    3. The timeframes of the order execution (production) range from 2 – 10 weeks (such period may be prolonged depending on the volume of the order).

    The deadline for the dispatch of smaller products such as composters is 1-7 days.

    1. The Buyer shall be obliged to prepare the land/foundation for the house assembly in a proper manner and in compliance with the construction art.
    2. Impregnation included in the estimates of our houses refers to a single-layer, external, colorless impregnation of the house. Such impregnation is sprayed or placed traditionally after the house is assembled.
    3. There is an option to order an internal impregnation of the house, or the impregnation of the house in a selected color. The price of the service is arranged on individual basis.
    4. The additional option of shingle covers hammering shingle in the plain tiles shape directly to the roof slope, in compliance with the roofing art and guidelines of the manufacturer. Our offer includes shingles of “plain tiles” shape in basic colors (red, grey, green, brown). The color of shingle shall be stated at the submission of the order. In case when the color of shingle has not been stated, our expert will contact you by telephone.
    5. The amount still due shall be paid by the investor at the moment defined in the purchase contract.
    6. The buy now price (the basic price of the house) includes the purchase of all the elements needed for the construction of the house (walls, doors, windows, roof slope, *floor)

    * if presented in the description of the house

    1. Personal data stated during the registration, shall be processed by the operator within the scope of the execution of services offered by our company, as well as for the purpose of justified needs of the operator, which stem directly from the provisions of law.
    2. The intention to change or remove your data from our database shall be notified directly at our e-mail address or by mail to our correspondence address. Personal data are stored by our system with the observation of any and all binding security and confidentiality standards.
    3. The Buyer declares that it has familiarized itself with the regulations of the company of KAP Log Cabins and the Buyer accepts the terms of the guarantee, and agrees to insert the certificate. The lack of the certificate means a voluntary resignation from the guarantee.
    4. In case the Buyer does not collect the product manufactured by the Seller (within appropriate timeframes), the Seller will charge the Buyer with the costs of storing the product by the Seller.

    Terms of the Guarantee

    The company of KAP Log Cabins grants the guarantee for its products for the period ranging from the date of the completion of the assembly, if it has been commissioned to the company of KAP Log Cabins by the Buyer, together with ordered product.

    The manufacturer guarantees that the product is free from any physical defects.

    The guarantee is 12 months for all the elements including the roofing.

    The complaint may be submitted: in person, by phone, fax, e-mail, mail. The correspondence shall state accurate, legible personal and address data.

    The guarantor undertakes to remove defects of the product or repair a defective product.

    The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for quality defects of the product caused by improper transportation- except for transportation with manufacturer’s vehicles – storing or a failure to observe its instructions regarding maintaining and the assembly of the product.

    The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for defects caused by improper and inadequate use of the product.

    Then guarantee period shall be prolonged by the time passing between the date of reporting the defect and the day of the defect’s removal.

    The complaint shall be settled within 21 days since the day on which the complaint is received.

    The defect of the product shall be removed or the products shall be replaced within 14 days since the completion of the complaint settlement.

    The guarantee does not cover defects arising for reasons inherent in the product.

    Defects do not include good knots as well as natural cracks of timber occurring during the timber using and caused by different weather conditions in which the product is used as they stem from physical properties of timber. Cracks occurring do not exert any influence on the durability and utility values of the product.

    The guarantee does not refer to: the adjustment of doors and windows, any damage to the product stemming from any negligence of the Buyer.

    Changes in the product stemming from its use do not constitute defects subject to the guarantee.

    * This offer is of an informative nature and it constitutes an invitation for negotiations, the offer does not constitute a commercial offer and applicable provisions of law.