Rubbish bins casing


Rubbish bins casing


If you are looking for a rubbish bin casing that will be practical and useful, while looking good on your garden, we have the right one for you!



Rubbish and waste are an unavoidable part of life and domestic waste accumulates so quickly that its correct containment and disposal are highly important in our daily life. Separation of waste is also important, otherwise, recycling would be impossible. Bins casing is the ideal solution for the storage and handling of rubbish bins; they are hygienic, safe and protect the bins from the weather, animals or any kind of intruders.

If you are looking for log cabin bins casings for sale, we can help you out. We have a large selection of models in different sizes with finishes that blend in with the outer style of your house. This way your rubbish bins will always be accessible and secured, while hidden in plain sight. Check out our gallery and if you are interested in buying our bins casings, get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

 The casing is made of spruce wood, which has an outstanding quality and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Self-assembly (attached assembly instructions).

The price does not include waste bins.

Technical data
Dimensions(cm x cm): 229×95

Floor area (m2): 2.20

Roof area (m2): 3.40 Weight (kg): 120.00

Log thickness (mm): 16.00

Wall height (cm): 155.00

Peak height (cm): 177.00

Slope the roof (º): 10.00


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