Log cabin Mat A


Log cabin Mat A


The MAT-A, Log Cabin is recommended to customers who value comfort and economy. It is built with double-glazed windows.

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The flexibility of log houses relies on their modular construction and the adaptability of timber. This provides you with endless options for configuration, size, and use of space; this way, you can have as many bedrooms and spaces as you want in your log house. Log cabin bedrooms can be part of the whole house, work as annexes or be multipurpose.

The interiors of log bedrooms also take advantage of the materials and the wooden furniture blends seamlessly with the rustic and beautiful style of the log cabin. You can see all the options we offer and decide which works best for you, as well as get some ideas of the potential of a log cabin.

Log cabin dimensions (cm x cm): 520×420
Floor area (m2): 31.3
Roof surface area (m2): 47.30
Log thickness (mm): 70.00
Wall height (cm): 250.00
Peak height (cm): 357.00
Roof slope (º): 18.00
Door dimensions (cm): 155×200
Window dimensions (cm): 170×161

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25m2 – 35m2