GARDEN Tub – internal stove

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GARDEN Tub – internal stove


Garden Tub is ideal for anyone looking for a fun way to spend more time outdoors in the garden. This wooden tub has two very important purposes, it provides the perfect space to relax and enjoy the outdoors while having a very positive impact on your health.

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For those looking to have at home the relaxation and pleasure that only a spa can give, there is nothing better than a hot tub.There are so many benefits from having a hot tub at home that once you learn about them, you’ll realize that more than a luxury, a hot tube is a necessity; and contrary to the popular belief, hot tubs can be quite affordable.

We build, install and repair indoor and outdoor hot tubs that meet all your hydrotherapy needs. They come with all the necessary equipment, and there are different inside fittings with different features to choose from. Our log cabin hot tubs come in a variety of wooden exterior to match any style you are looking for. Check out our gallery and hot tub prices to find the model you’re looking for; and if you wish to have yours custom-made or have any questions, get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.
The “Garden Tub” is made of wood of the highest quality, and its assembly and materials guarantee superb durability and safety.

Diameter – Ø 2,2m

Standard equipment:

Stainless steel stove
wooden benches
protective fence
Three-step wooden stairs
drain valve
Additional options:

two-step wooden stairs
cover for tub
fence protecting the chimney
wooden oar
Wooden stand for drinks
LED lighting
poker and scoop