Log cabin FAMILY

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Log cabin FAMILY


Beautiful five-storey house with four bedrooms, study, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Floor area of 123 m2. FAMILY is one of our bigger projects. Incredibly spacious, sensational for a large family.

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A full-size one-storey house of 123 m2.

The Family is one of our larger projects. Incredibly spacious, sensational for a large family. We use two floors. Four rooms, two living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and even a terrace or a balcony is everything you dream about when buying a house.

We guarantee that every minute in it will bring a smile to your face, while relaxing in peace.

The entire structure is made of 70mm logs, which makes it very strong. In the assembly process we use Siberian spruce logs along with the “tongue and groove” technique.
By insulating the roof, floor or walls, it becomes an exceptional year-round house!

This house is certainly a very good solution for those who appreciate classic and charming designs.
Our craftsmen sacrifice nothing in the quality of workmanship of every frame we build. Full cut log joinery, mortise and tenon joinery, dovetail corners, hand cut or planned logs, hand peeled logs, log gables, sanded log ends, hidden screw jacks, log arches and curved logs are just some of the company’s trademarks are dedication.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 7.95mx 9.7m
Floor area: 123m2
Roof surface: 95.00m2
Log thickness : 70mm
Wall height: 2,4m
Elevation height: 4,6
Roof pitch (º): 30
Door dimensions (cm): 6x89x209
Window dimensions (cm): 5x153x99 / 76.5×99 / 53×5

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35m2 and more