Connemara Mobile Log Cabin


Connemara Mobile Log Cabin



We make new mobile log cabins on a custom basis. In this way we will help you get the look you want. For the production is used high quality impregnated doors and burglar-proof security.





We make new mobile log cabins on a custom basis. In this way we will help you get the look you want. For the production is used high quality impregnated doors and burglar-proof security. Detailed information can be found in the log house in the section with equipment. Check also our realizations that check between mobile log cabin and Dutch houses other.


In order to make your holiday efficient and not have to watch out for unnecessary organization we have made sure that the mobile log cabin is fully equipped. You will find all the basic rooms that you have in the house where you live every day. There is a living room with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a bedroom, and in the case of 11×3.5m guest service. It guarantees to accommodate up to 5 people.

In the setting window, now to set the closet, cupboard and armchair now. Such a system guarantees a clean log home without wondering where to find the items you need on the plot.

In each bedroom, regardless of the closet, which is followed by a picture or a parry and two bedside cabinets. Encourages you to look at three designs, their own presences that can feel personal and ends up creating the interior.

Living room with kitchen to one interior to make the cabin spacious and even larger. In addition to the living room, we will eat on this table area. The facade of the mobile log cabin can be made of wood or modern Kerrafront board. We furnish the liquid of the mobile log cabin according to your choice. You have influence on the layout of the rooms and colors of the layout. It is worthwhile to enter data about the ballistic structure of the house and the design or design version with the design project. Conviction, a shoe closet at the entrance to the cabin, a cabinet you can choose at the turn of the screen. The kitchen will have two kitchenette cabinets: upper and lower, complete with a sink and a gas range. The bathroom will be in: sink, basin, boiler, vanity unit, gloss and shower.

The way to relax is a good solution with an effective tool. It relaxes to convenience: no organization, no rigid free time. We create wooden year-round log cabins. So that you do not decide to relax, but with uses.

Standard equipment of the mobile log cabin can be additionally included. Amongst the cinema full of possibilities we achieve: mosquito nets, resting, led lighting, outdoor kites, resting or effect piece zm.



Construction: steel, wood, OSB All things from the economy standard
Complete wheels Bedroom closets
Drawbar for transport Bedside cabinets in bedrooms
Insulations: vapor barrier, insulation wind

Insulation (wall and roof)

Beds with mattresses and bed linen containers
Thermal insulation: 15 cm wool underneath on the floor and in the attic, 10 cm of wool in the wall A chest of drawers in the living room
PVC windows with double glazing Table with four chairs in the living room (only in mobile homes 12×3.5 and 12x4m)
Patio door with movable bar Corner sofa with sleeping function and bedding storage
Fans for air circulation Coffee table
PVC window sills (internal) Lower kitchen cabinets with countertop
PExternal metal window sills. Upper kitchen cabinets with LED lighting
Adjustable door frames Sink
Internal doors in veneer Under-counter refrigerator
External doors: steel with veneer, insulated with wool 2-burner electric cooker
Installations: water, sewage, electricity, ventilation Glass panel on the wall (behind the stove)
Electrical equipment: fuse box, switches, sockets Kitchen fan
Roof: corrugated sheet metal, PVC guttering Electric towel dryer
Floor: wear-resistant LVT panel Toilet
Mechanical ventilation in bathroom and kitchen Shower cubicle
Ceiling and walls: PVC panels and mouldings Wash basin in bathroom
Elevation: siding Sin cabinet
Interior and exterior led lighting
Bottom of mobile home protected galvanized sheet Mirror with led lighting
Bathroom furniture with space for washing machine and boiler
Electric boiler 50L
Electric oil heater


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