One of the best inventions from Finland is the sauna and once you’ve been in one, you finally understand why the Finns have one in every house. And yes, you can have one at home too, saunas are in no way limited to the gym or spa. Saunas are heating rooms traditionally made of wood, and that’s why a log cabin sauna is what you need at home. Even though they’re very simple and relatively inexpensive structures, saunas’ design must be done by specialists because their effectiveness rely on both the materials and construction. You can even go bigger and have a full spa by building a log cabin with sauna and hot tub, but you cannot blame us later if you never want to leave your house again!

With an outdoor log cabin sauna you can start your own spa in your backyard and the combination of the hot tub and sauna will certainly make you healthier and always relaxed. We build exceptional log cabin saunas of extraordinary quality with remarkable design and finishes, but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can simply take a look at our gallery and find what you’re looking for. And if you have any questions or special requirements, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.