Connemara Mobile Log Cabin

Mobile Homes

KAP Log Cabins is a producer of wooden mobile homes. All mobile homes have wheels so you can set it anywhere you like and easily transport it at any time. Every home model we made can be ordered with a different design, size, equipment and interior design. The steel and wooden constructions of every house are made according to an architectural plan and they all meet the strictest EU norms related to durability.

We manufacture wooden mobile homes in 4-8 weeks, in two versions: STANDARD and PREMIUM.

STANDARD (without furnishings)

PREMIUM (ready to use)

All mobile homes have 10cm of thermal insulation in the walls, floor and roof. We use electric heating in the form of an electric stove in the living room and a heater in the toilet which means you can use your house all year round.

For an additional payment, we can equip wooden homes with a gutter system, thicker thermal insulation inside the walls (15cm), air-conditioning, sliding doors, sun and anti-burglar blinds, decorative shutters, external lighting and much more.