Log cabin ADAM B

Log Cabins

Log houses are the perfect solution for a dwelling in the countryside or wilderness, regardless of the season and weather. They are reliable and withstanding structures designed to accommodate your needs while being relatively inexpensive; so, whether you plan to make it your home or a holiday house, a log house is what you need. The architecture and classic rustic design of log houses make them easier and faster to build, while the material itself, timber, makes them easy to adapt to all kinds of weather, so they keep cool during summer and warm during winter. If you are looking for log houses for sale built in Ireland with great design, or log house repair services at a low cost without compromising quality, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at all the options and designs we can offer, check our prices and compare our products and finishes, and make your log house ideas become real homes. We build, sell and repair all types of log houses; just get in touch with us, the top log house builders in Ireland, and we will be happy to assist you.