Garden Furniture

Gardens have so much potential for different uses. One of the most common mistakes people make with their gardens is not to allow space for enjoying and admiring the garden. You do the gardening and we do the building. Together with a wooden gazebo for your garden, furniture is essential. Now, garden furniture is a very special type of furniture as it has to serve its purpose, look good and withstand the weather while being outdoors. Luckily, the same materials and techniques we use to build our log houses are the same we use to design and build garden furniture, so you get the amazing quality and style of wood.

We offer different styles and sizes of log cabin garden furniture in a variety of options including benches, tables, chairs, hammocks, couches, bistros, etc. We also design custom-made garden furniture for a more personalised style. Don’t let your garden go unnoticed, let everyone be part of it. Check out our gallery with all our offers and log house garden furniture available, and if you want to know more about our service and products, get in touch.