Eco-Home DON


One of the virtues of owning a log house is how ecological it can be. With an eco home, you get the best of both worlds: while making the most of the features and advantages that log houses provide in terms of design, reliability, affordability and energy-efficiency, you also get to live responsibly and stay in an environmentally friendly house that blends in and plays well with its surroundings. Furthermore, thanks to the wood, the quality of the air in the interior of a log cabin eco home is very high, which translates into a healthy living environment.

We offer eco log homes in Ireland pre-built and readily available, in a variety of models, sizes and styles. We can also design and build custom-made model according to your requirements, the land available and the final purpose. You can see all our eco log homes for sale available here, together with prices, features and more. If you are interested in acquiring or having an eco log cabin home built for you or, alternatively, if you require our log cabin eco home repair service, you’ve come to the right place; just contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.