Log cabin with BBQ


Having your friends and family over is a great excuse for a BBQ, but not everyone has the facilities at home to do it like it’s meant to. With an outdoor barbeque area, you will have the proper setup readily available with all the tools you’ll need. It’s centered around the space for the grill, which is located in the exact right spot where everything is at hand but out of the way: table, tops, racks, drawers, cabinets, etc. The log cabin BBQ has space for all the cooking tools and utensils so you only need to focus on the grilling and chilling!

Our log cabin BBQs add another dimension to your garden, front or backyard and turn them into the nicest part of the house to receive your guests. Furthermore, the wooden style looks fantastic accompanied by wooden furniture or even better, a wooden gazebo. People may say that Ireland doesn’t have the most ideal weather for a BBQ, but our designs and the materials we use embrace any outdoor weather by protecting the space, the food and the people, while providing the perfect shelter and creating a cozy ambient. If you’re thinking of building a BBQ at home, check out our gallery and offers in log cabin BBQs. And if you see something you like or wish to have one custom-made, get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.