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Our offer is divided into sections:



Here you will find our standard homes divided in accordance with the size. You can add additional options to each of them, for example, insulation, impregnation or assembly.


Large houses built according to the client’s guidelines.

Mobile homes.

New mobile log cabins, made on individual orders.

Wooden Gazebos.

A wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes of wooden gazebos.

Garden Furniture.

Many different styles and sizes of log cabin garden furniture including benches, tables, chairs, hammocks, couches, bistros, etc

Kids Playhouse.

Playhouses made of wood and other complementary materials that withstand the weather and blend in with their surroundings.


Our beautiful log cabin dog houses are great companions to our log cabins and kids playgrounds.


We build log cabin sheds that take little space from your backyard or garden and provide you with an outdoor room for all kinds of uses.


Security and protection of your car and tools from the weather and forced entry; while the doors system allows easy access and good use of space.


You can have all your tools and raw materials at hand.


The log cabin BBQ has space for all the cooking tools and utensils, so you only need to focus on the cooking and chilling.


With an outdoor log cabin sauna, you can start your own spa in your backyard.

Windows and Doors.

We design and install all types of log cabin interior and exterior doors and windows.