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Tiny Houses

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We are a family-owned company that has been servicing the residential market for almost 30 years. Our primary thanks go to our customers, for without them and their referrals we would not exist. Secondly, we have developed a unique approach to the customer, your satisfaction is a priority for us as we always work for long-term cooperation.

Our aim and achieve 100% satisfaction record. As a rule, we work as complex and accommodating as possible. Taking into consideration the convenience of you, the Client, and understanding your investment is not wasted we schedule your scope of works from A to Z.

Our promise is” to advise our customers wisely in helping them choose the right log cabin that will suit their needs”.

Our team will plan, construct, maintain and manage, turnkey solutions for your home.

A one-stop shop for our customers who are looking for a dream Tiny home.

Your investment purchase of our houses can be installed, painted and equipped to make it easier for you, our customer.


The fear of living in our houses is deeply rooted in Irish consciousness. This is because of some simple facts. First of all, in earlier times, wood was considered cheaper and defective, and brick walls were considered a sign of social and economic status. Such a state of affairs did not correspond to the end of reality. The weakness of old wooden houses was not due to the material used but to the lack of solid designs, technology, and high performance. Nowadays, these problems are only memories, because modern wooden houses are not only cheaper but also durable, solid and in many cases better than brick. Furthermore, a lot less expensive to run, heat that is!

Wood is a unique material – used in many areas of life. It has unique properties that make it extremely durable when properly secured and maintained. In addition, it has the highest degree of aesthetics. Log cabins can, therefore, be not only solid and practical but also extremely beautiful. It is also worth mentioning that they are built much faster than brick, and their cost is almost always lower. They also fit perfectly into modern ecological trends, resulting from the growing awareness of the inhabitants of our country. We increasingly appreciate the quality of workmanship and the nature of the place where we spend most of our lives, and very well.

We offer budget priced tiny homes as well as well insulated year round houses with a heating system. The certified wood we use is of very high quality and has excellent thermal performance. Originated from strong and healthy spruces and pines are subjected to specialized drying, planning and subsequent maintenance. This prevents cracks and injuries, as well as all kinds of warping and deformation leading to subsequent leaks. Proper impregnation makes them completely fireproof. It is worth mentioning that the wood has great thermal performance – adequately protected it easily warms up, and the accumulated heat is very slow, so the room does not cool down. The houses we are building are as stable as the medieval churches we can still meet in our lands.