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Over the past decade, more and more Irish people have come to learn and appreciate the advantages of owning a log cabin as both holiday house or permanent home. The demand for log cabins has been significantly increasing and, unfortunately, there are not many specialists in Ireland who can provide top quality services at competitive prices for log houses. At KAP Log Cabins, we offer the largest variety of log houses and cabins in the market, as well as many other wood structures such as gazebos, kids playhouses, garages, workshops and even furniture. We also provide design, installation and maintenance services with utmost quality and competitive prices

Log cabins are the perfect solution to make the most of a parcel of land in the countryside, and with some modifications, you can turn it into a permanent house. What makes log cabins so attractive is the magnificent combination of style, quality, affordability, and energy-efficiency. Among all the models and products we offer, we guarantee you will find the one that fits your requirements and space availability, from a single-space storage unit to a 5-bedroom house with terrace; and all kinds of purposes, whether you need a workshop, storage room, a garage, or a pleasant space to complement your garden. We work with the highest quality wood and materials to ensure that our log cabins and other structures can withstand any kind of weather and extreme conditions.

Tiny House Office Tiny House Office Tiny houses are not only characterised by their mobility and minimalism, but also by their multitude of applications. A tiny house on wheels can be used as a workplace. One of the uses is a mobile office. In today's reality, more and more people are working remotely and need a space which can be used as their own home office. It is not always possible to find a place where you can work in peace in an apartment/house. An office in a mobile home is a great and economical solution. Having your own office in a Tiny House, you do not have to waste time commuting or pay high rent in the city centre.
Tiny House services Tiny House services The Tiny House can also be adapted for service activities such as physiotherapy, a hairdressing salon or a beauty salon. The small area is ideal for arranging this type of activity. A salon in a small house will be a time-saver in the long run, but also a unique place for clients. We can design the Tiny House to suit all of your work needs. Create an ideal place for your service salon in the Tiny House.
Tiny House Shop Running your business in a small and cosy place is becoming more and more popular. Instead of renting a premises for a lot of money, you can have your own at a good price and without having to pay rent. Tiny Homes can be arranged as a showroom, bakery, small café or other interesting business. The Tiny House gives you freedom in arranging the interior, and moreover, you can easily convert it into a summer house or a year-round house. Tiny houses also give you the possibility of moving wherever you need to. One house, many possibilities.